Bradfield Said, Im Very Hopeful That She Will Get To 20/20 Vision.

The use in children has been a very new application, Nehls said. Bradfield worked in tandem with Nehls and ECP treatment targeted eye fluid producing ciliary processes without damaging other parts of the eye. The first surgery occurred in December 2015 with nearly immediate effects on Eden s ability to move on her own and even interact in a more verbal manner. After a few months of healing, Eden underwent a second surgery in the summer. As of the last vision test, Eden has 20/70 vision in her right eye and 20/120 in the left. Her confidence in getting around the house, came quickly after the surgeries, Julie said. Eden is now able to give her parents more typical problems, which leave them asking where she is and what her new explorations may have allowed her to get into. Youre prepared for moving things around, baby proofing. Julie said. For so long we didnt need to do any of that. no dataThe immediate successes are exciting as she finds her toys and discovers the world around her – and there is an opportunity for more to come. A hopeful Andy said, She could have a (drivers) license, granted, with restrictions. said, Im very hopeful that she will get to 20/20 vision. Eden will need regular check-ups for the rest of her life with updates on her glasses, potentially more laser treatments and possibly tube shunts, a device used to drain fluid.

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