I Turned It (the Unit) Off Today Because I Couldnt Stand The Blowing Anymore.

As temperatures dropped into the teens Monday evening, 80-year-old Theressa Dixon was struggling to stay warm in her Brook Road apartment. A small space heater washer only source of heat all winter long, but the past few nights of frigid temperatureswereunbearable for the elderly woman who suffers from arthritis and glaucoma. Its been bad, its been really bad, Dixon told WTVR. It makes you ache. Despite paying her power bill and rent on time each month, Dixon said her heating unit only blew cold air into the apartment. Dixon said she began complaining to The Flats at Ginter Park, which manages her apartment complex, several months ago but didn’t hearfrom anyone since a general contractor inspected the unit back in mid-December. Faulty window stripping on the doors and windows have complicated the situation. I turned it (the unit) off today because I couldnt stand the blowing anymore. If you leave it on, it blows cold, cold air, Dixon said. Youve got the windows leaking in cold air; its just getting colder and colder in here. Management for the Flats at Ginter Park said they are working to have Dixon’s heat fixed by Wednesday. Meanwhile in Eastern Henrico County, The Gunter family was also been struggling with little heat inside their home on Parrish Street. no dataLaura and Lyndon Gunter were granted a voucher for heating assistance back in November, but a mix-up in the government run program left the family with little means to pay their heating bill.

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